A periodontist is a specialist in dentistry who deals with periodontal illnesses. An expert who helps support the teeth structures, a periodontists focus is mainly on the prevention and treatment of such diseases. It is his responsibility to diagnose the disease, recognize whether or not it is expanding, and apply the necessary treatments so patients do not lose their teeth early.

In recent years, medical researches have started to suggest that individuals suffering from gum infection are more likely to develop other diseases such as heart ailment, respiratory disease and diabetes. Medical studies also showed that having a healthy mouth has a lot of vital impact on a persons overall health. This is because having a healthy mouth means being able to chew fresh, healthy foods. It also means having fresh breath, more appealing smile and being free from mouth-related infections.

Having a healthy mouth is associated with having healthy gums. A periodontist helps in keeping the gums healthy and disease-free. Scheduling an appointment with a periodontist when needed is highly advisable. Found below are the 7 facts a bout periodontist that you have to know, especially if you think that you are suffering from a gum-related disease.

Fact 1: Regular Mouth-Cleaning Is Not Enough

According to periodontists, there is still a huge possibility that adults develop periodontal diseases even with regular mouth-cleansing or teeth-brushing and flossing. So it is best to set a regular appointment with a gum specialist to find out what treatment choices will be appropriate for you.

Fact 2: Not All Dentists Are Periodontists

One of the 7 facts a bout periodontist that you need to know is that not all of the dentists out there specialize in periodontics. In case of gum disease, it seems easier to just visit your regular dentist. But if you want to make sure that you have the right expert by your side to look after your gum issue and make a diagnosis, then you must look for a periodontist, not merely a dentist. In addition, under the hands of a gum specialist, you can be sure that you will be given the proper treatment procedures.

Fact 3: Only A Periodontist Is Licensed To Place Implants

Obviously, Fact 3 is related to Fact 2. Think twice when your family dentist says that he can place implants because only a periodontist can. This gum expert has 2 to 3 years more specialized education that's beyond dental school. He has been trained to focus mainly on placing implants and dealing with gum issues.

Fact 4: A Periodontist Doesn't Just Perform Implants And Periodontal Treatments

Many would say that they don't need a periodontist unless during the most complicated dental implants and gum treatments. Periodontal experts identify the variation between a simple periodontal case and a complicated one. During complex cases, a periodontist knows exactly what treatment to use and what to do by using the Computer 3-D Biotechnology and Directed Placement.

Fact 5: A Periodontist Requires Surgery Only When Needed

It isn't true that the only cure for gum disease is surgery so it's also not true that a periodontist will always require their patients to undergo gum surgery. Gum specialists usually require surgery among patients with more severe cases of gum disease as they need advanced treatments. In particular situations, there are other treatment options that Don't need surgery, like root scaling, regular gum cleansing for further monitoring and non- intrusive Perioscopy cure.

Fact 6: Laser Treatment Can Never Replace A Periodontist

Don't be fooled when your dentist says that he can utilize lasers to cure your gum disease if he only means to say that you don't need to consult a periodontist. It is true that lasers are vital devices widely-used in dentistry. But recent studies have clearly shown that laser treatment actually doesn't produce any benefit as compared to conventional treatment by a gum specialist. In addition, laser treatment tends to interrupt the necessary gum treatment, making the issue worse.

Fact 7: Your Family Dentist Can Help You Find The Right Periodontist

Sometimes, you will need a referral from your family dentist before going to a periodontist. If you do not have any idea where to find the right periodontist, it is better to ask your dentist for suggestions. Your dentist may also help you decide whether or not to perform a few of the treatments on his own before sending you to a specialist for further and more advanced treatments. He can perform some of the cures if your condition is a minor one. Whatever you and your dentist have agreed upon, the bottom line is this: your dentist knows what treatment is best for you. He can also recommend you to someone who can treat your gum problem better than anyone else.

Generally, these 7 facts a bout periodontist suggest that gum problems are serious situations that need specialized treatment from only the experts. They are so complicated that they usually have to be treated by a person who was trained to deal with such situations. When you schedule an appointment with a periodontist that your dentist recommended to you or you found online, be sure that you explain to him what seems to be wrong with your gums. It is best if you list down the symptoms you are experiencing in connection with such problem. Lastly, never think twice about visiting a periodontist once you experience gum problem symptoms.

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