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Robina Dental Care

Robina Dental Care Services

Here at Hains Dental, we provide a wide range of dental services which include:


General dentistry

Hains Dental offers a full range of general dental health services. Our dentists and nurses are committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible and are excellent at caring for children.

We provide a reminder service for general dental health checks and cleaning so you won’t leave it too long between visits.


Cosmetic dentistry

We understand how important the appearance of your teeth is. Our dental care services include excellent cosmetic dentistry to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Your smile is an important part of the way you look and the way you communicate with others, it can be upsetting and damaging to self-esteem if you suffer severe discoloration, chips, cracks, crooked and missing teeth. Hains dental care is here to help you regain your confidence with options to suit your budget!



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