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Wisdom Teeth Removal Robina

Impacted wisdom teeth are a common dental issue among individuals when there is not enough space at the rear of the jaw for the tooth to erupt from the gum properly. When there is not enough space the wisdom teeth become trapped and often push into the neighbouring teeth which can cause discomfort or pain. They can also partially erupt from the gum which can cause a pocket in the gum, prone to bacterial infections. It is recommended that wisdom teeth removal be done as early as possible to avoid infection and crowding or pushing teeth out of alignment. The removal of the wisdom teeth can be completed in-chair using a local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic in a hospital.

For more severe cases you may be required to see a specialist in which case you will be provided with a referral.

If you feel wisdom teeth are an issue for you, contact Hains Dental Clinic Robina for an initial consultation to determine the best treatment for wisdom teeth removal