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Teeth Whitening

Often we see cracked, damaged or chipped teeth – all common issues requiring dental restoration and even the most ardent of brushers and flossers may suffer from these problems. Similarly, existing dental fillings may age over time, and sometimes these require replacement or maintenance, and we are happy to provide these services.

White Fillings – Also known as composite resins, tooth coloured fillings are sculpted onto your teeth for a flawless look. A mixture of acrylic resin, fine glass and silicon particles white fillings are sculpted and polished to match the surrounding natural teeth for a beautiful, complete smile. The strength and natural appearance of tooth coloured restorations makes them a popular option, which can be completed in a single visit.

Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, white fillings are better for your teeth. Amalgam fillings can expand and contract with extreme temperatures, which can result in a cracked tooth. There is also the chance with amalgam fillings for decay to form underneath the amalgam filling which may mean you will need root canal treatment. With white fillings, the tooth is completely sealed so decay cannot form under the filling.

Fillings are a common dental restoration performed at HainsDental, however, some restorations may require further expertise. At Hains Dental, we provide a full range of restorative dentistry which can include –

•Dental Implants

At HainsDental in Robina, every patient receives a complete consultation to fully understand their treatment alternatives and options, so from simple fillings to crown or bridges – you will receive personalised, quality care.

During any of our treatments, we will advise you which material is best suited to your tooth that requires restoration, and ensure your comfort throughout the restoration process.