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It is no coincidence that people call our teeth pearly whites. A bright smile is always deemed attractive and helps enhance the self-esteem of a person more than a smile that includes stained or yellow teeth. This is where professional teeth whitening comes in handy. Anyone planning to obtain a perfect white smile should go to a professional teeth whitening treatment session. This article provides some important teeth whitening facts to consider before you plan to go for such treatments.

1) Teeth whitening and cleaning are not the same thing

Most of the time our teeth accumulate food particles over time. There are various stains too that are accumulated over time. This will eventually make our teeth look dirty and yellowish. You can get rid of such deposits by visiting a cleaning or scaling dental session. This has nothing to do with whitening the teeth. Teeth whitening is a completely different subject than cleaning the teeth.

2) Teeth whitening is a chemical process

Teeth whitening is done by using a peroxide group of chemicals known as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These compounds will release free radical oxygen when come into contact with the teeth. Oxygen will penetrate the outer layer of the tooth and oxidise the colour producing pigments giving your teeth a whiter appearance in the process.

3) Can be performed at a dental clinic or at home

There are so many teeth whitening kits on the market specially designed for this purpose. The process can be quick or slow depending on the teeth whitening method you choose. For example, if you choose to get it done in a dentist’s clinic, you may have to spend a maximum of 1-2 hours for the process. But if you choose to do it at home using teeth whitening kits on the market, it can take up to several weeks for best results.

4) Bleaching or teeth whitening is not a permanent solution

Its effect may last from a year to a maximum of three years. You can prolong this period with a few touch ups on your part. Visit the dentist on a periodical basis in order to maximise the durability of your teeth whitening process.

There are a few important habits that you need to develop if you want to extend the durability of the whitening on your teeth. Avoid foods that stain your teeth. Tea, coffee, sodas and wines are some of the common foods that will stain your teeth easily. You may have stop smoking and pay close attention to any other tobacco habit you have.

These are some of the common methods of staining your teeth in the long run. You will also have to maintain meticulous oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis. These habits will help prolong the durability of your teeth whitening.

5) When done correctly, teeth whitening doesn’t cause unwanted side effects

This is why it is important that you consult a professional cosmetic dentist to get your teeth whitened. You may feel a slight sensitivity in your teeth once the whitening session is over. This sensitivity will go away on its own after 2-3 days. There are times when your gum could get irritated due to the whitening agent seeping through to the gums. Other than that there are not many side effects after a professional tooth whitening session.

6) Professional teeth whitening is not for everyone

A child or adolescent should not undergo the process unless recommended by a professional dentist. A pregnant or breastfeeding woman should not undergo the process without the consent of her dentist.

People who have tooth hypersensitivity should not get their teeth whitened since it may worsen the condition. If you have teeth with cavities, gum disease, incomplete dental work or exposed tooth roots, you should not undergo the process of teeth whitening. Anyone allergic to peroxides should not undergo the process in anyway. These are some instances where teeth whitening should not be followed.

Some people have teeth where the enamel or dentin is malformed. This can happen due to excessive fluoride intake or by birth. Prolonged intake of tetracycline can discolour the teeth and cause a yellowish shade. Teeth whitening will not work successfully in such cases.

This is why teeth whitening is not the solution for all types of tooth discolouration. Veneers and crowns are the best solution for such patients. This is why it is important that you consult a professional cosmetic dentist for all your teeth whitening requirements.

7) Professional teeth whitening is safe

There are many people who assume teeth whitening is not safe and that is not the case at all. It is quite safe and has been proven to be as easy as required for patients. You can even get things done in one simple session and see a reduction in multiple shades. Don’t just want to have a smile that is going to get ignored? Want to have a smile that is going to be charming? This is a great, safe option as needed and that is never a bad thing in this day and age. It simply works as required.

8) Strips Don’t Help All Teeth

Strips are fine and are seen on the market all the time. There are many brands that are offering these options, but that does not mean all of them are as they should be. The best of the best is only going to help with the front teeth and even then, it is not going to go down multiple shades. Rather than going down this route, it is smarter to go with a regular process as it is going to be easier on the mind and you are going to be able to get better results.

9) Tray And Laser Whitening Are the Same

Studies have been done on numerous patients with different cases to see whether one process works better than the other. Is this the case? No, these things are not going to matter, and you can go with either option. Don’t get forced to go with the ‘better’ option between the two because there are no such things, and you should not believe it at all. These are the whitening options as needed and you are going to be able to get great results regardless of the direction you go in.

10) Issues can arise up if not performed by a dentist

There are some issues that can come up if the job does not go as projected, which does not happen as often. There are issues such as gums bleeding, sensitivity, and in the worst cases, you are going to have pain, but this is rather rare these days. The treatment options that are on offer are quite simple and are not going to lead to most of these issues as long as you go with the best.

When you go with those who are proven, the results will come, and you are not going to have to mull over what side effects could come up. This is essential and there are many patients who just walk in and say they are good to go. No, this is not the best option to take and going to the best dentist will ensure a comprehensive assessment is done on the teeth beforehand.

This is the best way to make sure you don’t get into trouble with regards to the quality of your teeth and how they feel in general. Be safe and consider this as one of the most important teeth whitening facts in front of you.

When it comes to important teeth whitening facts, these are the ones to consider first. These are the most important teeth whitening facts for those who are trying to get a feel for what their options are and what they are going to be getting into if they go down this path in the first place.

This is the type of quality you are going to want to know about as it is going to make life easier in general. Pay attention to this and you are going to be able to get the job done as required right away and that is never a bad thing.